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Cobalt Blue Media

  • Entertainment - Attractions
1880 E Harrison St
Chandler, AZ 85225
646 715 6018
We're always open.
  • About

    We began as a boutique Musical Tarot Card Reading Company.
    As the only boutique offering such a wonderful art and service we quickly grew. We now are moving into creating musical albums, Films, Books, and other forms of education and entertainment.

    Musical Tarot Card Reading is incredibly entertaining. It is a concert and it is a Tarot card reading. It is both fun and entertaining while enthralling, awe inspiring, and heartfelt with answers given that bring you an incredible sense of peace.

    The single best thing you can provide employee's is hiring us to do a corporate event where we can do readings and also perform the music that comes from our unique formula of finding the melody inside each individual.

    Music is in the universe, and in us.

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