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Product Specialist

We are seeking a Product Specialist to join our team. The Product Specialist will support the Product Management Team with our current product portfolio. We will be adding the Product Specialist role to grow the team to support the many tasks and projects we take on. The Product Specialist must be able to learn on the fly and work in a high-growth, dynamic working environment.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supports overall day-to-day activities related to products and project monitoring across the Vensure organization.
  • Vets each new product and leads the implementation process to identify project objectives, scope, milestones, and timeline through a standardized Product Lifecycle Process.
  • Maintains updated vendor information, implementation time frames, assignments, and collateral for the Product Lifecycle process through Smartsheet.
  • Generates reports that track monthly analytics for revenue/enrollment from vendors.
  • Documents standard operating procedures, training, etc, for assigned products.
  • Develops and maintains product marketing content, presentations, and project status reports for assigned products.
  • Lead and/or coordinate large group activities (trainings, virtual meetings, conference calls, etc.) that include, but are not limited to, groups of senior leaders, business partners, vendors, and staff.
  • Audits procedures for products with internal departments; assists in defining, improving, and documenting everything with each department leader.


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