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About Us

Since 1996, ArmorWorks has been protecting every branch of the US Military on land, sea, and air.  ArmorWorks is a leading defense and security company specializing in innovative survivability and protection technologies. Designed to maximize warfighter and various survivability situations, our patented products range from protective vehicle seats and forced entry ballistic resistant (FEBR) barriers and shelters, to impenetrable vehicle armor, 3D camouflage systems and situational awareness vision systems.

For more than 30 years ArmorWorks has maintained an unwavering focus on research, development, and creative engineering, continually producing advanced survivability and protection technologies for today’s needs and tomorrow’s threats. In fact, our work on critical technology for class-leading survivability systems pioneered many of the advanced composite armor, breach, and blast mitigating technologies in service today.

Our recent ground-breaking technologies include the U.S. Air Force’s Payload Transport Replacement (PTR) vehicles, modular and adjustable armored seating systems, the ArmorVision ballistic glass alternative utilizing digital display technology, and the passive defense TactiCam 3D camouflage system.

ArmorWorks is a full service, in-house solution provider. Our team designs, develops, manufactures, tests, and qualifies products from start to finish; working with our customers and OEMs to deliver high quality, high performance survivability systems.

Full-service Military-grade advanced engineering and manufacturing.


  • ArmorWorks designs, develops, manufactures, tests, and qualifies products from start to finish
  • Full-service Military-grade advanced engineering and manufacturing
  • Armor advanced composite and metallic
  • ArmorVision digital ballistic glass, Modular Blast energy attenuating seats, TactiCam 3-D multispectral camouflage
  • Critical Infrastructure protection, Survivability systems solutions


We have two facilities, both of which are located in Chandler. This is our primary production and management office locaiton.
This is our main manufacturing facility also located in Chandler, responsible for creating parts that are then sent to our Chandler production facility.
High value asset security systems: designed, tested, and built by ArmorWorks.
ArmorVision: digital ballistic armor for military vehicles, that is designed to replace traditional ballistic glass. Multiple high definition camera views allows for multi hit, multi view, low light vision of the warfighters surrounding environment.
TactiCam Camouflage System: signature management system that reduces across visual, radar, thermal and infrared spectrums, lightweight, breaks up planar surface, scalable
ArmorWorks Armored Troop Carrier provides complete ballistic protection against small arms, artillery, IED’s, and land mines.
Armor: both lightweight composite and metallic including ultra high-hard armor
ArmorWorks builds our products from the ground up.
ArmorWorks conducts a variety of tests on each our seats to make sure they meet the customers specific requirements, and will provide the most protection possible for the future occupants.
Gallery Image _DSC3154.jpg
Pandur bench seat, customizable with either three or four seating arrangements.
ShockRide Modular Blast Seats: Interchangeable part commonality with a standard core seat pan and back rest. Customizable, interchangeable, adaptable mountings, proven attenuating blast protection.
Modular seat variant

Rep/Contact Info

Jonathan Betancourt
Armor and Security Business Unit Leader
Audrey Bethea
Vice President HR
Annette Furman
Aftermarket Sales Business Unit Leader
Jeffery Payne
Amber Pierson
AP Clerk
Shelley Shrum
Seating Business Unit Leader

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