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Elite Youth & Family Services, LLC


Health & Wellness Services

About Us

ELITE YOUTH & FAMILY SERVICES, LLC (EYFS) was founded in 2018 by Antoinette M. Wells, who has been in the behavioral health field for 25+ years in various roles. Her primary objective for EYFS is to see all EYFS clients (children and adults) succeed and grow to their full potential. Therefore, Antoinette puts her heart and soul into helping the clients we serve, reach their goals. Every day, we aim to provide access to quality care and clinical services that provide each client an opportunity to begin or continue their treatment/recovery journey.

We treat each client from an approach that considers their behavioral health needs, physical issues, and cultural needs while identifying the challenges each day brings to their lives. Our goal is to include their family and the community whenever possible in their treatment to become integrated into the treatment process.

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