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    Stress has exploded into an invisible trillion-dollar health epidemic according to The Huffington Post. That is more than the cost of cancer, smoking, diabetes and heart disease combined!

    When tension and relaxation are in balance, the body can go indefinitely. Stress occurs when tension is greater than relaxation can balance. And chronic stress occurs when the body adapts and does not even know it is in a state of excess tension until symptoms begin to arise.

    Most people in the West are sympathetic dominant and don’t even know it. We can work with each symptom individually, or we can work with the single root cause of all symptoms: THE IMBALANCE OF TENSION AND RELAXATION.

    Reiki and Yoga Nidra can help bring you back into balance and I can teach you how to keep it that way!

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    • Kerri Wade
      Phone: (480) 205-9410
      Cell Phone: (480) 205-9410
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    Alma School & Germann. Mobile services also available. I'll come to you!