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Bautista Kajukenbo MMA


Fitness - Martial Arts

About Us

Bautista Kajukenbo brings traditional martial arts and traditional family values using Kajukenbo as the vessel.
Kajukenbo is an acronym for our 5 root martial arts, Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo, and Chinese boxing.
Our craft was designed to evolve and over the years we have added Muay Thai, USA Boxing, and escrima.
Kajukenbo was designed to give the entire Mixed martial art needs in 1 curriculum.
We train self defense for the street but always remain respectful and honorable warriors. We practice integrity on and off the mat.
Come join us and become part of our Ohana and not only make new friends but grow your family strong to remain strong.

Rep/Contact Info

Joseph Bautista

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