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El Sol Foods Llc


Food Service

About Us

El Sol has been operating out of Gilbert, Arizona for over 20 years. It all started with the original recipes of Beatriz De la Cruz. Beatriz cooked from her home and sold her food to friends and family. Her husband, Daniel, also sold their foods and bakery goods door to door. In 1987, they opened El Sol Mexican Café & Bakery.

Because of customers? overwhelmingly positive reaction to El Sol Salsa, the De la Cruz family decided to take the product to retail stores. In 2005, El Sol Foods, LLC was created to manufacture and distribute El Sol products. The company started using the kitchen at El Sol Café & Bakery to make the salsa. To meet the demands of their customers, El Sol Foods, LLC has since moved out of the café into a bigger facility dedicated to manufacturing and distribut

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